Saadia Gabriel

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Saadia Gabriel is a Faculty Fellow at the NYU Center for Data Science. Her research revolves around natural language processing and machine learning, with a particular focus on building systems for understanding how social commonsense manifests in text (i.e. how do people typically behave in social scenarios), as well as mitigating spread of false or harmful text (e.g. Covid-19 misinformation). She recently founded the Misinformation, AI & Responsible Society Lab to better understand how AI impacts human belief systems and to design systems that can recognize and function across cultural barriers.

Her work has been covered by a wide range of media outlets like Forbes and TechCrunch. It has also received a 2019 ACL best short paper nomination, a 2019 IROS RoboCup best paper nomination, a best paper award at the 2020 WeCNLP summit and a 2023 MIT Generative AI Impact award. She was named on Forbes’ 30 under 30 2024 list in the Science category. She completed her PhD at the University of Washington and previously was a CSAIL postdoctoral fellow. She will join UCLA as an Assistant Professor in July 2024.

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