Rodrigo Kreis de Paula

Incoming PhD Student – * rodrigo.kreis (at)* – LinkedIn

Rodrigo Kreis de Paula is a Graduate Research Assistant and an incoming Ph.D. student at NYU advised by Julia Stoyanovich and working closely with Armanda Lewis and Chloe Zheng. Rodrigo’s primary research focuses on developing comprehensive and accessible educational materials on Responsible AI. His work strives to address crucial questions on the most effective methods of teaching Responsible AI to diverse audiences, ranging from AI/ML experts to corporate executives and the general public.

Rodrigo attained his Master of Science in Data Science from NYU in May 2023. He currently works for the Financial Department of the City of São Paulo, where he spearheads the AI and ML projects and assumes responsibility for evaluating algorithmic biases and mitigating potential risks. In addition to his master’s degree, Rodrigo holds a bachelor’s degree from Fundacao Getulio Vargas (2007) and a post-graduation degree in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning from PUC-MG (2022).

Rodrigo likes to play guitar, snowboard, and scuba dive.