Raphael Arkady Meyer

PhD Candidateram900 (at) nyu.eduPersonal Website

Raphael is a PhD Student advised by Christopher Musco and who works closely with Falaah. Raphael is supported by a GAANN fellowship, and his work with the R/AI lab seeks out unexamined social implications or harms in automated decision-making systems. He has also been a TA for the responsible data science course at NYU. Raphael is also part of the Algorithms and Foundations group at NYU, working on designing fast algorithms for numerical linear algebra.

Before joining NYU, he finished an undergraduate degree in Computer Science from Purdue University in 2019. In his spare time, Raphael likes to study new recipes to cook and to spend many hours talking about TV. He can generally be found at his desk with a mug full of some esoteric tea.