In Spring 2021, the All Aboard project funded by the NSF Northeast Big Data Hub brought together data scientists, disability scholars and activists and social scientists to devise new workflows for making public education on AI and data science more accessible. The group used the existing public education portfolio of the NYU Center for Responsible AI as material for the discussions. In three separate gatherings, selected comics, and videos of the We Are AI course ( served as concrete use cases. The discussions that evolved around these concrete use cases form the basis for this primer.

We hope that this All Aboard primer will continue to create synergies between the typically distant domains of data science, art, social science and disability studies and activism in order to propel democratic deliberation around AI and data science forward in an accessible and equitable way. We also hope that it will have effects on how data scientists, educators, and government institutions think about and practically engage in deliberation around AI and data science regulation.

Upcoming in September 2022, stay tuned for updates.