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Artificial Intelligence Impacts on Individual Digital Privacy and Civic Space

Analytics Insight


As NYC restricts AI in hiring, next steps remain cloudy
HR Dive

To make AI fair, here’s what we must learn to do


The Top 20 Tech Policy Press Podcasts of 2022

Tech Policy Press

AI.Humanity Ethics Lecture Series will explore the ethics of artificial intelligence

Emory News Centre

NYU Libraries Present the Multimedia Exhibition *This Is Not A Drill* Sept. 28-Dec. 4, 2022


The Algorithmic Auditing Trap


5 tips for covering racial bias in health care AI

The Journalist’s Resource

Now is the time for a transatlantic dialog on the risk of AI


These are the flaws of AI in hiring and how to tackle them

World Economic Forum

There’s something missing from the White House’s AI ethics blueprint

AI makes the recruitment mistake and humans face legal challenges
Analytics Insight

What Does Your LinkedIn Say, Do Automated Hiring Systems Work & “Woke” Marketing
The Metropreneur

Why it’s so damn hard to make AI fair and unbiased

A new tool allows journalists to quickly sort through FOIA data dumps

Data scientists have access to your sensitive data. That’s driving more schools to teach ethics



Artificial Intelligence Hiring Bias Spurs Scrutiny and New Regs
Bloomberg Law

New York City to Require Bias Audits of AI-Type HR Technology

The Movement to Hold AI Accountable Gains Steam

How the City Hopes to Rein in the Job Market’s AI Gatekeepers

A.I. Hiring Software Faces a Regulatory Reckoning

NYC Bill Bans AI Recruiting Tools that Fail Bias Checks:
Engadget & Yahoo 

NYC Wants to Restrict AI in Hiring
CBS News

NYC Aims to be First to Rein in AI Hiring Tools
Associated Press, Manufacturing Business Tech, Taipei Times, True Meridian 

Hiring and AI: Let Job Candidates Know Why They Were Rejected 
Julia Stoyanovich in The Wall Street Journal

Surveillance Society: Artificial Lighting for a Policed Public 
Mona Sloane in Architectural Review

The Algorithmic Auditing Trap. ‘Bias Audits for Discriminatory Tools 
Mona Sloane in OneZero

Now is the Time for a Transatlantic Dialog on the Risk of AI 
Mona Sloane in VentureBeat

U.S. AI Policy Still Effectively A Closed Box 
Communications of the ACM

This Week In Washington IP: Reviewing Small Business R&D Funding Programs, Researching COVID-19 Variants and Building Department of Defense Cyber Capabilities 
IP Watchdog

What Exactly is Responsible AI In Principle and in Practice?  

The Dark Matter of Digital Health  
Public Books

Algorithms will Soon be in Charge of Hiring. Not Everyone Thinks this is a Good Idea 

We Need Laws to Take on Racism and Sexism in Hiring Technology 
Julia Stoyanovich in The New York Times

Prof. Julia Stoyanovich, Director of the Center for Responsible AI Interview Series 

Free Online Course Brings Together 20 Global Experts in the Field of Ethical AI EurekAlert!

Realizing the Potential of AI Localism
Mona Sloane in Project Syndicate

HireVue Discontinues Facial Analysis Screening 

How Can we be Assured Smart City Tech Will Do More Good Than Harm? It All Comes Down to Governance. 
Toronto Star

NYC Proposes Regulating Algorithms in Hiring
Ars Technica

NYC Proposes Bill to Regulate Algorithms Used in Hiring 


New York City  Considers Regulating AI Hiring Tools 

Center for Responsible AI at NYU Tandon Tackles Big Questions in Latest Webinar

Data Can be a “Force for Evil,” AI and Machine Learning Experts Say
Healthcare IT News

Responsible AI and Why it Matters  

The Devil is in the Data: Overhauling the Educational Approach to AI’s Ethical Challenge 
IEEE Spectrum

Comic Book Bridges the Gap Around Education in AI, Ethics 

AI’S Social Sciences Deficit 
Mona Sloane in Nature Machine Intelligence



Intelligent Machines Behind Ethical Smoke Walls 
Mona Sloane in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

AI Hiring Could Mean Robot Discrimination Will Head to Courts 
Bloomberg Law

NYC’S Algorithm Task Force is Fracturing
The Verge

Is AI Effective if it isn’t Equitable and Responsible? 
Chronicle of Higher Ed