The Algorithmic Transparency Playbook

Do you believe in transparency, accountability, and openness for algorithmic systems, like those you hear about in the news, a la ChatGPT?

The NYU Center for Responsible AI will be holding a critically important course at the CHI 2023 conference titled “The Algorithmic Transparency Playbook: A Stakeholder-first Approach for Creating Transparency for Your Organization’s Algorithms!”  Those who participate will learn everything they need to know about algorithmic transparency, and how one can help influence change within their organization towards having more open, and accountable systems. The course also includes a case study game where participants will get to explore the tension between different key stakeholders vying for and against algorithmic transparency!  This course is based on a paper, published by NYU R/AI’s Andrew Bell and Julia Stoyanovich, in collaboration with Oded Nov (Data & Policy, March 2023). 

If you are attending the CHI 2023 conference and are interested in registering for the course, visit this page (note that the course is labeled as Course 31).

Check out the course website here!

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